SaxonQ becomes member of QuIC

The European Quantum Industry Consortium (QuIC) has welcomed and onboarded SaxonQ as new member. We are looking forward to actively participate in the consortium and its workgroups.

First public demonstration of diamond-based quantum computer

On the Silicon Saxony Day 2022 a mobile quantum computer based on NV centers in diamond was presented to the public for the first time. The principle and practice of operation was explained by Prof. Jan Meijer, supported by the SaxonQ team.

Mobile quantum computing goes to the cloud

SaxonQ develops cloud computing access to the first mobile quantum computer within the project CoGeQ that is funded by BMBF with about 4.2 million €.

Get ready for the world's first mobile quantum computer

The deep-tech start-up SaxonQ, a spin-off from the University of Leipzig, is starting what is probably the most exciting technology journey of the year. The aim is to bring the world's first mobile quantum computer onto the market.

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